Character - BleuRaven

This 3D model is my character, an anthropomorphic chimera and hybrid mix of several animals but mostly raven.This model features this time only 5 textures, the base (Diffuse, NormalMap, Roughness, AmbianceOculusion) + A RGB mask to differentiate the different parts and the SSS (Sub Surface Scattering).The textures are very detailed, I for the first time worked with a graphics tablet, those increases greatly the precision and the detail of the brush on Photoshop.

Update : I made several changes to the character to test the plugin by NeoFur Neoglyphic on the graphic engine Unreal Engine 4 (Video below)

Publish date : 02 of march 2016
Update date : 17 of october 2016
Softwares used | Blender | Adobe Photoshop | Unreal Engine 4 | Paint.NET
Keywords | 3DModeling | 3DCharacter | LowPoly