Character - Wolfy

Wolfy all face - clothing

This 3D model is the furry character of Trimbiak (Wolfy) A blue wolf with a human form.
This 3D model was my first real experience of using the software substance painter. The all shaders (apart the eyes, fur tail and hair) have was entirely created with this software. This model also allowed me to refine my techniques on the realization of a full armature and learn more about the physical constraints for animation.

Note: The final render was done on the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 that I particularly like. My previous computer did not allow me to work on this engine because too few powerful, but now the rendering of low poly, PBR model will be using the Unreal engine.

Publish date : 12 of june 2016
Update date : 12 of june 2016
Softwares used | Blender | Substance Painter | Paint.NET
Keywords | 3DModeling | 3DCharacter | LowPoly