Roleplay map - FrenchFurs

This is the full data package containing the full realization of this website: Site du rp de FrenchFurs

I created the site and the 3D maps and all the contents of this pack for a role play game Furry theme in a private group. The role-play was finally dead I could not let all that work behind me, I prefer to freely share content for people who want to achieve something similar, take inspiration from site code, or just use the maps for other role play.

You can download the zip file here :
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Publish date : 15 of august 2016
Update date : 13 of april 2017
Softwares used | Blender | Adobe Photoshop | Paint.NET | Notepad++ | WampServer
Languages used | js | Html/Css | PHP
Keywords | Portfolio | 3DModeling | Roleplay | WebDev | Downloadable