Character - Flynt

This 3d model is called Flynt, it's the furry character of Seky : (

This model was not created entirely by me. I started by generating a human model with Fuse software ( then I modified the model in order to have the result at the bottom of the page. I released the model on November 23, 2014 on Furaffinity before leaving it abandoned.

I recreated the character of Flynt with a better quality from the model of 2014. This creation does not involve much special things, I made a classic remake for reuse for an animation. (New Rig, textures PRB with Substance Painter 2 and I did a little work on modeling the face and the body)

Publish date : 02 of march 2018
Update date : 02 of march 2018
Softwares used | Blender | Adobe Photoshop | Unreal Engine 4 | Substance Painter
Keywords | 3DModeling | 3DCharacter | LowPoly