Character - DevilDread

DevilDread body - clothing / DevilDread body - Back / DevilDread image 02

This model is the furry character DevilDread (DevilDread) a wolf demon.
The 3D model is again composed of two parts, a body and clothes containers each a pack of several textures with the eyes. The development of this model was very interesting for me at animation, This allowed me to learn new things in this field and better understand the constraints of a real body.

On February 16, 2018 I made an update to add armor to this character. The tool "Mean Crease" of Blender helped me a lot for the High Poly version. I took advantage of this update to improve the Rig and model nomenclature.

Publish date : 01 of may 2016
Update date : 26 of february 2018
Softwares used | Blender | Adobe Photoshop
Keywords | 3DModeling | 3DCharacter | LowPoly