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/!\ 02 {inesquivable_p.title}



About Inesquivable

Inesquivable is an arena game in top view. You must survive in waves of enemies and kill as many as possible to increase your score.
Solo story: You play Zakwel, An anthropomorphic rat stay blocked on S-stanir 24, a small mining planet abandoned by civilization. Your goal will be to escape from this planet.
For that you'll have to travel a part of the planet To find the necessary materials to repair a spaceship.
You will fight against the clamps, looters, wild animals... You sometimes have to flee and make discreet, avoid traps and solve puzzles. Small errors can lead to a radical death.



(Some older downloads are no longer available.)

vvv Last version vvv

Inesquivable v1.9.42-b (32-bits) : Download (205 Mo) | Inesquivable v1.9.42-b (64-bits) : Download (227 Mo)

vvv Old versions vvv

Inesquivable v1.2.1 (32-bits) : NoDownload (? Mo) | Inesquivable v1.2.1 (64-bits) : Download (140 Mo)
Inesquivable v1.1.0 (32/64-bits) : NoDownload (? Mo)


28 Juin 2016 | published + Project paused.
26 Juin 2016 | New update v1.9.42-b
24 Juin 2016 | Temporarily restarted project.
(Note: I have a new PC that allowed me to fix small problems and to publish the latest version of November.)
10 Novembre 2015 | New update v1.9.40 + Project paused.
(Note: Mon PC étais trop peu puissant pour continuer.)
09 August 2015 | New update v1.2.1 + published
05 August 2015 | New update v1.1.0 + published