Time Fighter

Time Fighter is not a project created by me but I participated voluntarily. I worked more than a year on the Time Fighter project by Wormholes Interactive.
A very interesting project on which I took a lot of pleasure, but I finally withdrew from the project of several internal problems with the technical management of the project.
If you are interested in the project, here is the page: https://www.facebook.com/wormholesinteractive/.

I worked on the beta asset pack, the 3D model of the ship, several scripts and also on the correction and debug depending on the engine. But my main work was at the level of programming in C ++ sources. I also took care of the gun and melee system.

I designed the weapon system to be as modular as possible using a database. The user will be able to choose the desired model, the effects to be used and the animations, but also to define the different actions that the weapon will have to perform (shooting in a gust, kicking, reloading, bringing the weapon closer to aim). These are independent actions that can be activated by the different events that the player will trigger: main shooting, secondary fire, reloading, etc.

I also took care of character animations and weapon animations in FPS view.